Armchair “Relax”

  • Price

    Price range derives from the used materials and added details. Price does not include haulage cost.

    NB! This is a model example. Armchairs in the same product class may not have identical wheels.

  • About

    An elliptical hole has been cut into the mine-shell. A metal strip is welded on the edge of the cut for thickening and padding. The seat base of the chair is made of caprone bands which are attached to welded loops. It imitates the military design and is really rational and minimalistic. The minimalistic cushion and headrest are made of canvas. Rubber-coated wheels are moving on ball-bearings and come from Wermacht conveyor Sd.Kfz7. The rear rubber-coated wheel is attached to the mine shell with a bracket. The position of the wheel is adjustable which allows you to change the tilt of the chair.

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